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Totalview and 3CX Form Strategic Cooperation

Workforce Management and Unified Communications come together to deliver increased productivity

Totalview and 3CX, developer of software-based PBX 3CX Phone System for Windows,  announce the formation of their strategic cooperation to provide more integrated products for the benefit of their customer bases.

Totalview and 3CX and have been in cooperation, with 3CX being one of the key PBX vendors behind the Totalview switchboard functionality. With this functionality, receptionists can see availability of the workforce and quickly manage calls accordingly. The integration has seen great success in Scandinavia, with key customers including Blue Water Shipping in Denmark, Sandefjord Municipality in Norway, KNI in Greenland as well as global brands like 3M, Citroen, DHL and more.

The integration has been praised by key Totalview and 3CX partners such as Complea who won the Danish Gazelle award this year for the best continuous growth in the industry: “The integration between Totalview and 3CX Phone System has played a huge role in the growth we’ve experienced in the last few years. All our customers using the joint solution are more than happy with it and we plan to continue recommending it to our future customers”, Morten Hovaldt, CEO, Complea.

Under the new strategic cooperation, Totalview and 3CX will strive to work more closely and deliver more integration, specifically with the Workforce Management modules. These integrations will include more extensive presence integration, corporate messaging and video collaboration. Besides additional integration, Totalview and 3CX will be also be cooperating on joint marketing & training events and supporting each other’s channel efforts.

Runi Brimvik, International Sales Director, Totalview said:

“With the new strategic cooperation between Totalview and 3CX we can break the barriers of what has been possible with Unified Communications. With the unique combination of Totalview and 3CX partners will be able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the industry. Together we will open new doors offering features and integrations that will lift company productivity to a new level”.

Nick Galea, 3CX CEO said:

One of the main points of 3CX being for Windows was to be able to integrate more closely with Windows applications and deliver productivity increases to companies. The integration of Formula’s Totalview Workforce Management is a perfect example of this. And it’s only the start – we expect to deliver more integration that will save companies money and allow them to work more efficiently“.

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