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Totalview Availability

Totalview Availability allows you to see where colleagues and employees are, when they will be available and how they can be reached – saving your company money, time and resources.

Accessible from anywhere

Totalview on the go

In addition to the Desktop client, employees can use Totalview on the go with their smartphone. This means they are no longer bound to specific places or locations to use the solution.


See who is available

With Totalview Availability you can see your employees’ stated availability, their upcoming appointments and whether or not they are available on the phone, chat or video, minimizing the risk of unnecessary interruptions.

Less time finding colleagues

Contact information at your hand

Spend less time finding the right employee with Totalview Availability. Whether it is employee availability, skills, division or contact information, all data is gathered in one place.

Make faster decisions

Find available skills

Totalview displays the information you need in a graphical overview with easy search and filter options to find available employees or skills. You can search and filter by name, division, skill, location and other preferred filters.

Save time with fewer clicks

Use the Calendar You Love

The built-in calendar gives each user a full overview over employees’ upcoming calendar appointments. The calendar works both ways with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Google calendar. Appointments in your calendar will automatically be reflected in Totalview’s calendar – and vice versa.

See it in action

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