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Totalview Contact Center

Elevate your customer service with more efficient call handling, wrap-up and smart call monitoring.

Streamline Your Business Communication

Every interaction with a customer should be treated as the most important, whether it’s face-to-face or over the phone. That’s why Totalview’s contact center solution is designed to equip agents with the essential tools needed to deliver top-notch customer experiences.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

To ensure customer satisfaction, it is important to provide the best possible service with minimal effort required from the customers.

Lift Agent Morale

Enhance agent performance by providing them with the necessary resources and tools to improve their skillset.

Contact Center features

Call Control

Empower your agents with smarter call control features to effectively handle any call situation they may encounter, such as call diverting, transferring, consulting, or placing calls on hold.

Queue monitoring

Seamlessly track call activities like calls in queue, number of logged-in agents, or see if colleagues are busy handling calls. Using smart state handling, supervisors can make sure agents are logged in and out of queues automatically, making it a breeze to manage your team’s workload.

Wrap up

Significantly reduce agent idle time by using the Totalview Wrap Up feature. Agents can complete call-related tasks seamlessly, document call details in a third-party system and increase productivity for after-call activities.

Totalview Connect

Totalview integrates with third-party systems to quickly access customer information. When an employee receives a call, Totalview can automatically open the contact in the specific professional system, based on the phone number or other parameters.

See it in action

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