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Monitor call load in real time

Make fact-based decisions with the Totalview Wallboard

Live Call Statistics

The Totalview Wallboard provides a shared overview of calls and queues in real time and visualizes the call traffic within your company or department. These live statistics can help you optimize resources to handle call load more efficiently.

Choose your preferred view

Call Group w/ members

With the Single Call Group and Members View, you can easily keep track of all members in a call group and get detailed insights into their call handling performance, to ensure that your team is always performing at their best.

Simple Call Group

With the Single Call Group without Members View, you can focus solely on the performance of a call group as a whole. You are able to monitor and analyze the combined effort of all group members and make informed decisions to improve overall efficiency.

Call Group Groups

The Call Group Groups view can show live performance statistics for several call groups at once, together with overall statistis across those call groups. Using this view, you can quickly identify potential bottlenecks, reallocate member resources and improve performance as a whole.

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