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At the heart of Totalview lies the philosophy of Knowledge-Based-Management, empowering you to base your management decisions on rock solid facts rather than guesswork.

What is Knowledge Based Management?

Knowledge Based Management is the process of gathering, analyzing and utilizing information in order to enhance business performance and drive innovation in your company. In order to employ it successfully, it needs to be data driven, accessible and applicable, three qualities that are built directly into the core of Totalview.

Data Driven

Proper Knowledge Based Management starts with the right data. In Totalview, this data stems from a multitude of sources and employee interactions, measured throughout your business cycles, such as time registrations, status changes, call logs, employee updates and more.


In the same way, access to such data is key, together with presenting it in an understandable way. That is why Totalview was developed with the approach in mind to make all information easily accessible, so you can find it fastly and when you need it.


Information that is not relevant to your business is essentially useless, which is why Totalview is so flexible that it can be custom-tailored to meet your industry’s needs, empowering you to draw the right conclusions, optimize your business and drive innovation.

Why Knowledge Based Management?

Learn More About Knowledge Management

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