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Totalview Telephony

Totalview For Avaya IP Office Is Here

With our newest release, Totalview 2019, we are proud to announce official support for Avaya IP Office. Totalview can be fully integrated with the popular PBX solution from Avaya in terms of call handling, queue control and call center management.

Totalview Availability

Totalview In Your Language

Totalview Smart Client users will be excited to hear that both our Android and iPhone applications now offer language selection in English, Danish and Faroese. Select your preferred language in the Settings menu.

Send Data Securely With TLS

In order to provide users with stronger connection security, Totalview is now using TLS (Transport Layer Security) by default to encrypt any data sent from and to Totalview.

Totalview Support For 3CX v16

Totalview is now compatible with the latest version (v16) of the 3CX PBX system. It supports all existing telephony features, such as call control, queue management and call center functionalities.

Discover More Amazing New Features

The latest release of Totalview 2019 offers a whole range of exciting new functionalities that will benefit your organization greatly. Below are some more examples of these features:

*Please note that call center functionalitites in Totalview are only available for customers using 3CX with Broadworks or Avaya IP Office. Unify is not supported.

Download Totalview 2019 Now!

All these features and more are available in the newest version of Totalview. Just follow the link below to download Totalview 2019 via the Partner Center.


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