This release is all about time management. The last few months we have been hard at work developing a better user experience in Totalview Time. Let us take a look at some of the key aspects of the new release.

Register projects and specify work on devices you use every day

Now it is easier and more accessible than ever for employees to specify their work. We are happy to announce that Totalview’s project registration and work specification feature now is available on device you use every day – desktop, mobile and Windows Surface doorway client.

Together with our customers, we have taken a close look at how we can make time registration easier and faster. Our research shows that employees often switch back and forth between the same job tasks during the day. Totalview now helps employees remember the last five jobs he or she has been working on. This makes it easier and faster for employees to specify their work.


In addition to this feature, we have completely redesigned the “Change State” window on Totalview for desktop PCs. Similar to the mobile experience we have divided the states window from the specify state window (Message, location, phone forward etc.). This shows content and options in a more relevant order to the user, which makes it simpler to use.

The new “Change State” window also gives a better keyboard experience. Now you can choose a number between 1-9 to change state. For example you can press 1 to change your state to In. We have also made it easier to navigate between fields. Just use arrow up and down to go up or down. To change date or time just press plus (+) or minus (-).


Improved Timesheet


We have also improved the timesheet user experience. The colored visualization of the states has been made clearer and more comfortable to look at. The most important functionality is now more accessible to the user. The date picker and employee selection have for example been moved to the main window making it both faster and easier to show employees in a specific time interval. Totalview now also remembers your preferred settings next time you open the timesheet. The last employee selection and filter selection that the user has made will for example be checked next time you open the time sheet.


Sick days Balance, Vacation Balance and Vacation Planner included in the Pro Plan


We are excited to announce that Sick days balance, Vacation balance and the Vacation Planner are now are included in the PRO-plan. You can try a demo here to see the Sick days and Vacation Balance in action or click here to see the Vacation Planner live.